THE ANSWER is Adelaide Jet Card 

Adelaide Jet Card allows an individual or business to choose, and easily plan, WHEN you fly and WHERE you arrive.  

Peace of mind in that you are not wasting precious and valuable time idly waiting around.


Importantly, conversations between your company executives discussing your company secrets are safe from prying ears.

An Adelaide Jet Card gives you unrestricted freedom to move around outside of airline schedules.  It gives you the flexibility to choose when and where you travel, knowing your jet will be available for you. 

Purchase Adelaide Jet Card in your jet for 10 hours or more and have your aircraft waiting for you when you need or want to fly. The more Adelaide Jet Card hours purchased, the less the per hour rate.  And, no matter how many hours you buy, you can be sure of the same professional service and safe, swift and secure first class travel. 

It really is no different to what you are doing now - buying a seat on a jet to where you need to go. 

Just with less time wasted and with more safety, security and certainty.  


Enjoy the reliability, peace of mind and security an Adelaide Business Jets aircraft provides.